Sustainable entrepreneurship

Where does your organization stand in terms of sustainability and what steps can be taken towards a more sustainable business?

Greening your energy

Often, the first step towards sustainable enterprising is greening your organization’s energy. You can fully or partly green your energy, depending on your wishes and needs. Additionally, you will receive a green certificate which displays the origin of the renewable generated energy.

CO2 footprint

The CO2 footprint reflects the impact of your organization on the environment. To determine this, a number of factors within your business process will be accurately mapped out. The status of the CO2 emissions from your organization determines the size of your footprint. After mapping out this footprint a plan will be devised on how to reduce it.

Climate Neutral Enterprising

Once this footprint has been reduced, your organization can offset the remaining CO2 emissions. Your organization can do so by investing in compensation projects. By way of this compensation your organization will ultimately become a Climate Neutral Entrepreneur with no negative effect on the environment.

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