The capabilities of the smart meter offers Kollektief clients a very fast, user-friendly and detailed analysis of their energy consumption.

Kollektief provides an online E-Analyser service. This tool creates transparency in consumption excesses and making adjustments can often lead to attractive cost-savings.

The E-Analyser offers our clients the option of comparing the energy profiles for all of their holidays, weekends, Mondays, etc. with one press of a button , and it allows them to zoom in on the excesses with one click of their mouse. Also, the client can compare the profiles of selected weeks and locations. By Combining the gas consumption, electricity consumption and the outside temperature in a single graph allows for various analysis options.

By 2020 all small consumers must be equipped with a smart meter. Kollektief can significantly speed up this process by obtaining a priority placement at the local network company, enabling organizations to benefit from the opportunities offered by the smart meter, in combination with the E-Analyser, sooner rather than later.

If your organisation is interested in this E-analyzer, please contact us so we can inform you about the options.