Kollektief is an international agent within the corporate energymarket. Unburdening our customers is at the heart of our business, which
translates into time and cost savings.

Savings can be made on both energy prices and energy consumption by facilitating our clients in terms of energy procurement and energy management.

Kollektief's web application makes it possible to turn your energy management (grid invoices, supplier invoices and measurement data) into a signaling instrument. By creating clarity, excesses can be carefully identified and targeted energy-savings measures can be taken.

As an organisation, Kollektief has a positive impact on the environment because we overcompensate our CO2 emissions. We would like to invite you to join us in sustainable and socially responsible entrepeneurship.

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Kollektief services

Corporate energy purchase
  • Advice on purchasing corporate energy by monitoring energy market
  • Support when negotiating energy prices and terms and conditions
  • Checking recorded energy prices and terms and conditions
Processing and checking invoices
  • We will take care of the entire administration of your corporate energy
  • Inspection of all corporate energy invoices
  • You will receive 1 clear invoice a month in the manner you desire
  • Overview by way of periodic reporting
Energy benchmark
  • Compare your corporate energy data to data from the rest of your industry
  • Energy comparison of the various branches within your organisation
  • See how your location (or branches) differ from the average
Sustainable entrepreneurship
  • More sustainable entrepreneurship starts by greening your organisation's energy supply
  • Determining the size of your CO2 footprint and how to reduce it
  • Compensating for any leftover CO2 emissions, leading to Climate Neutral entrepreneurship
  • All of your energy bills centralised, complete overview
  • Clear, neatly arranged (and printable) reports
  • Option of participating in energy benchmark
Completely free energy scan
  • Analysis of supply contracts and network administration costs
  • Analysis of the ratio of contracted power/consumption profile
  • Analysis of hourly values if large amounts of gas and electricity are used